1. कल्पना भट्ट
    सड़क पर एक बच्चा अपने दोनों हाथों में पत्थर लिए जा रहा है | मासूम के हाथों में पत्थर देखकर एक राहगीर पूछता है, “बेटे, हाथों में पत्थर लेकर कहाँ जा रहे हो ?”
    “उनको मारने |” उस मासूम ने उत्तर दिया |
    “किन्हें मारने ?” राहगीर ने आश्चर्यचकित होकर पूछा |
    “जिन्होंने हम पर हमला किया है |” मासूम-सा उत्तर |
    “तुम पर किसने हमला किया है ?” एक और सवाल |
    “मैं नहीं जानता लेकिन उन्होंने हम पर हमला किया है |” बच्चा उलझन में है |
    “अच्छा यह बताओ, तुम उनका क्या करोगे ?”
    “मैं उन्हें मार दूँगा |”
    “पर क्यों ?”
    “क्योंकि वे हमें मार रहे हैं |”
    “अच्छा छोड़ो, यह बताओ कि तुम यहाँ किसके साथ आए हो और क्यों आए हो ?”
    “मैं अपने बाबा के साथ आया हूँ और बापू के दर्शन करने आया हूँ |”
    “तुम बापू को जानते हो ?”
    “हाँ, बाबा ने मुझे बताया है कि वे हमारे राष्ट्रपिता हैं |”
    “क्या तुम्हें पता है कि बापू अहिंसा के पुजारी थे ?”
    “मुझे पता है, मैंने अपनी इतिहास की किताब में पढ़ा है |”
    “लेकिन तुम तो पत्थर हाथ में लेकर घूम रहे हो और किसी को मारने की बात भी कर रहे हो ?”
    “बाबा ने कहा है कि अब समय बदल रहा है और हमें अपनी रक्षा खुद करनी है |”
    और वह बच्चा अपने बाबा के साथ वहाँ से चला गया | एक व्यक्ति जो राहगीर और बच्चे की सारी बातें सुन रहा था वह तेजी से राहगीर की बगल में आया और फुसफुसाहट भरे स्वर में बोला, “बच्चा सही कह रहा है | अब समय बदल रहा है और हमें अपनी रक्षा खुद करनी है |”
    आगे दौराहा था | *

मैं और मेरी तन्हाई

आज फ़िर मैं और मेरी तन्हाई
सँग-साथ बस यूँही चली आयीं
कुछ कहने को ततपर दिखाई दीं
लब खुले पर चुप्पी साध लिये
बस देखती रहीं लहरों की तरँगों को
जो गहरे समुद्र के सतह पर
हवा के तेज होने पर
बढ़ती हुई दिखाई दे जाती हैं
किनारे को छू लेने को तरसती हैं
और किनारे तक आते ही
पुनः समुद्र में विलीन हो जाती हैं।
आज मैं औऱ मेरी तन्हाई….

Modern World

Developed or developing

countries or states

towns or villages

growing or under growing

whosoever whatsoever

the place may be

a label of modernisation

is stuck on it

modernisation meaning

though be lost in practical

but in records fully seen

no wars it supports

rather it talks about

statusco growth of and for every person

how much it sounds good

in dictionaries

in documents

in Debates, in Parliament’s

so many people

speak in favour of it

but in practical and reality

all goes wrong

who is responsible

asks everybody

the answer too is with all

then where is wrong

who knows the better

may be the answer

is with modernized world

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (inspired after watching a clip)
Narrator: Hey friends! Can you ever imagine yourself stuck in a situation between a real life and a virtual life? Oh yeah! Let me introduce you to a similar person who is so stuck… let us explore his situation and his mental stress… we shall have to watch him to know as to how come he met with such a situation … now honestly speaking don’t you wish to know which world is better? What is a virtual life? How does one feel… and above all how can a person come out of it… so many questions with us … yet to get to know the answers… and for all these we shall take you into a journey with our hero Mr. Shekhar… who is a young man of 24…

( a man entering in a drawing room… where in are kept a sofa… some chairs… a center table… on which there is an empty bottle)

Mr. Shekhar : How mean she is! We have had been in relationship for about 2 years… and…

(Shekhar falling down on the sofa… with a sad mood and depressive mood… he looks around all over the hall…) and says : Oh! How lonely and dead are these walls…and saying this he covers his face with his hands… sighing…

Narrator : Oh poor he!

Shekhar takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes off his face and walks a few steps forward towards the audience

Shekhar : You know, we had been studying together in the same college, and luckily we had joined the same company… our friends would envy us… we were so happy… do you wish to know whom I am talking about! Oh yeah!… (after a short pause he continues) she was my first love, Dolly… a cute fair girl, dark and deep eyes… a well disciplined and decent girl… her long silky hairs…. Oh how much I loved playing with them… looking into her deep eyes I often used to get lost in dreams… a world into which I have had always dreamt to live with her….but…

(he turns back and once again he looks around everywhere in the hall… he finds no one there)

A girls voice from backstage : You are totally a loser Shekhar… I hate you… I am leaving you…

Shekhar : Dolly! Is it you my love! Where are you… tell me where should I fetch you… (after a short pause) you telling me a mean! How cruel you are to say so…. You have left me…. Did you ever think of me as to how shall I be able to live without you… (he fells on the floor)

Girl’s voice from backstage: I know! You are thinking of me as a cruel girl… but is it true….

Shekhar : ( has lost all his confidence and hope) how will I live without you Dolly? ( he tries to get up)

Oh how pity of me to be left all alone in this world? ( he eyes sticks towards the only one empty bottle kept on the table, he picks it up and says: You left behind this empty bottle… (thinking for a while) he continues : the same bottle of wine… you had gifted me on my last birthday… oh how much had we enjoyed my birthday party… you had arranged a surprise party…with our office colleagues and few of our close and dear friends… you had made me a peg… we had all danced merrily…. O my love! Where are you? And he faints….

Narrator : it is so difficult to get stuck up in such a situation when one finds himself all alone in the world … wherein there is nobody around you… no body to love you, care about you… what will be the next with Shekhar!

Shekhar wakes up with a heavy head… he goes towards the washroom… comes back after a while…..and after a while he goes out off his house…

Evening scene :

Shekhar enters into his house, puts the lights on… and with a heavy heart fells down on the sofa….again looking towards the empty room and empty bottle… he finds a piece of paper under the bottle… he lifts it up… he reads it

A female voice from backstage : Dear Shekhar, you must be surprised to not find me with you anymore..actually I must tell you that I am fed up with you… your drinking habit… you don’t remain in yourself… I tried to bring you in the real world..but you have always denied to face the reality of life and have tried to live in a virtual world which you yourself have created… you know… you never have realized how much have you hurt me doing all this… and so I am leaving you… and yes let me tell you I have got a new job … and I will live happy without you… take care and bye…yours Dolly.

After reading the letter, he throws that page on the floor and gushes out of his room…

On a bench in his own society… sitting alone…. Shekhar sees one of his best friend amit coming towards him…

Amit: Hey Shekhar, what’s up… (looking at Shekhar’s face) what is this…

Shekhar looking at his friend with a pitiful face…

Amit: speak up …

Shekhar tells him everything with tears in his eyes…

Amit: How silly you are! Come with me… he takes him to a world of technology , Shekhar sees at the shop in which they have entered… new gadgets… a virtual world ! now they had entered…amit talked something with the shopowner.

Shop-owner conveyed something to one of his salesman.

The salesman took few gadgets one after one and he was explaining the features of those gadgets.

Shekhar looked at Amit.. Amit said: Trust me! You will feel happy…

And Amit was successful … amit and Shekhar were now at Shekhar’s house… in front of them was a bottle of wine… and the new gadget… after a while Amit went away… Shekhar was left alone in his room…

Narrator : it seems our Shekhar has found a substitute love, a true virtual love…. Hahahaha ….. the narrator laughs….

Shekhar is lost in his new gadget… feeling happy…. His gestures are of jolly…

Scene stops.

Narrator: One by one 10 days have passed, in the meantime our hero Shekhar seems to be happy with his new girl friend… but let me tell you… he has spent a lot of money these days… and I have heard that he is planning to go to a trip with his virtual love… but how is this possible! He had no money left with him…. And look at him…. Uffff… what is this? What is going on? Why is Shekhar lying on the floor in such a condition… is he dead….? Oh no!

Sound of ambulance can be heard…

Next scene in the hospital :

Shekhar : Where am I?

Nurse: O thanks God! You have come into consciousness! She runs to call upon the Doctor.

Shekhar looks here and there…. Meanwhile the doctor enters his room… checks him …

Doctor : Thanks God! You are safe…

Shekhar : (not able to make out as to how come he is lying down on a bed of a hospital stares at the doctor)

Doctor laughing at him said : I have a guest for you today… and ….

Shekhar to himself : who is the guest? Is she my virtual love… my true love.. who has come to see me…

Just then a lady enters the room

Shekhar (yells out) : Dolly!

Dolly: Don’t be astonished Shekhar, though I had left you, I was worried about you… so was checking upon your daily activities.. I knew you were not going to leave drinking… you…

Shekhar interrupted her saying : You betrayed me… and walked away … I had nothing left with me.. no one except my drinks… and thanks to Amit that….

Dolly : (fully annoyed) Stop it Shekhar! You think Amit was your true friend! No way! He along with his girlfriend Maya….

Shekhar was astonished to hear the name of Maya….

Dolly continues: yes I know her, she is a bullshit… both were trying to fool you..

Shekhar could not understand anything …. Dolly narrated to him as to how Amit had tried to convince him and get him a gadget purchased… and his plans with Maya to make him feel that she is his true love…Actually their intension was to empty your bank balance…

Shekhar : How did you know this?

Dolly : I love You Shekhar, I had known this far back that it was because of Amit that you had started drinking so much that you became a drunkard… everybody in our office gossiped about you.. but you would not listen to anyone…. Not even me.. so I had to leave you for some days… but in real I was fixed into our other branch… our Boss helped me out… so you see I was keeping an eye on each and every activity of yours. I was even checking up your bank balance..

She paused for a while and then continued… you bought Maya all costly gifts… and look at yourself… you have lost yourself in doing all these.. they made you drink so much that you lost all your brain and …..their plan was to run away taking away all your money… so I had to block your ATM ….

Shekhar : O my love! My true love…. I confess that I was all wrong … doing all wrong… I promise that I will try to leave drinking… will you help me out ….

Dolly took out something from her purse…

Shekhar : hey love ! are we going on our world tour… this we had planned long back right! And how did you purchase the tickets… wait… O my Goodness! You have withdrawn the amount that we had saved ….

Both are merrily laughing …..

Dolly took hold of his hand…

Narrator : So finally our Shekhar has found his true love… .. so you see virtual life though may give you pleasure … but then they are all false … all a dream…. A part of life which is harmful… intoxication of anything may it be wine or gadget or any other thing…
Too much of anything is always harmful
Kalpana Bhatt

डरता हूँ

रात के गलियारों में
यादों का धुआँ था
न था जो करीब वहाँ
फिर भी उसीका डेरा था।

पूछा किसीने पता जब उसका
कह दिया उसने ‘यादों’ में रहता हूँ
नहीं मिलता करीब से उसको कभी
उसकी तन्हाई को सहता हूँ।

Kalpana Bhatt


Ego Ego Merry-go-round

Goes round and round

Ego-Ego moves ahead

Resulting a man’s behead

unseen unrecognized

it remains

leaving behind

invisible stains

often plays hide-n-seek

no one wants

to come down from peak

what the hell is the place

where born

asked a poor man to a rich

blowing a horn

Ego ego more than a war

brings destructions

though it lives in a core

one likes the ego

more than a friend

These days having it

has become a fashion trend

If one knows it’s place of birth

Tell it to the land with dirt

let it get crushed under one’s feet

before it climbs and comes to greet.

नदी तुम हो बहुत महान

नदी तेरा जीवन महान।

ले लेती है आकार
उपलब्ध जगह देखकर
कहीं हिमशिखर से गिरती
कहीं गौमुखी से निकलती
कहीं सकरी हो जाती
कहीं झरना बन लुभाती
कहीं चट्टानों से टकराती
कहीं सरलता से बहती
हरियाली के मध्य कहीं इठलाती
तो कहीं डैम से नियांत्रित होती
हर आकार में मस्त है रहती
और आखिर समुद्र को पाती
जीवन यूँही चलता रहता
नदी से सागर तक की यात्रा
यूँही युगों से चलती रही है
निरभय नहीं है अब यह रहती
दूषित जब जहाँ यह होती
अपना काल है इसको दिखता
वसुंधरा से बंधा है रिश्ता
माने धरा इसको फरिश्ता
देखो अगर इसको ध्यान से
पढ़ो अगर इसका विज्ञान
हो अगर तुम ज्ञानी-ध्यानी
फिर क्यों करते अपनी मनमानी
सीख सको तो तरीका सीखो
आकार बदलने का सलिखा सीखो।
निर्जीव है पर जीवन देती है
जीवित रहने के संसाधन देती है
नहीं लेती यह कुछ किसी से
बस बहती है और बहती रहती है।
कभी विकराल रूप जब धरतीं
सब कुछ नष्ट तुम हो करती
बह जाते हैं घर संसार
पीछे रह जाता है हाहाकार
यह जब होता है जानते सब हैं
विपदा के जन्मदाता जो हम हैं।
कितना कुछ सिखाती हैं नदियाँ
न सीख सके तो गुजर जायेंगी सदियाँ।
जीवन है जीने का नाम
नदी कहती जीवन को परमधाम ।
हो तुम एक सुंदर वरदान
नदी तुम हो बहुत महान।

Kalpana Bhatt
18 मई, 2021


  1. Sympathy (संवेदना)

Hema, was waiting for her son Sonu’s school bus. She saw Dubeyji with two Rotis , coming out a house opposite to hers. A boy in a dirty and torn rags came to him and begged alms.
“No, this roti is for cow.”
The poor lad went and sat beside his mother sitting nearby. Dubeyji fed one of the roti to the cow, the poor lad seeing one left over chappati and once again approached him.
Irritatingly, “Just move back, this chappati is for a dog. How dare you beggars come for alms in the very mornings.” And he offers the other roti to the dog.
“Maa, The Almighty is more happy when someone offers food to cow and dog. Doesn’t he?”

Just before Hema could give an answer to Sonu, the bus arrived. Hema was looking at the poor boy, maybe she was wondering whether he was looking at the roti, or was feeling pity of himself for not being a dog.

Original laghukatha by: Madhu Jain
Translation by: Kalpana Bhatt (Bhopal)
Dated: 05/05/2021


मेहनत कश लोग न होते
तो न बन पाते महल-चौबारे
कैसे बनती गगनचुम्बी कोई कहीं
सीमेंट, ईंट रेता में ‘गर न सनते

न बनती फिर कोई इमारत
न होती कहीं कोई हम्माली
कौन उठाता सामान किसीका
जब न होते कोई कुली

खेतों में मजदूरी करते
कहीं शहरों में भागते फिरते
दो टूक रोटी की ख़ातिर ही तो
अपने घर से दूर ही रहते
ज़मीन इनकी होती बिछौना
आसमान इनके लिए छत बन जाता
लोग कहते मजदूर हैं जिनको
वे होते अमीर श्रमिक पर
करते है जो यह काम सब मिलकर
क्या कोई एयर कंडीशन में
बैठा अफ़सर कर देगा?
मेहनतकश रहता फटे हाल भले ही
पर होते ज़िंदा दिल बहुत है
दिन भर धूप में तपते रहते जो
शाम को थिरकते गाते-बजाते
अंश मात्र इनसे कोई सीख सके तो
जीवन उनका सफल हो जाये।


प्रस्तुति-कल्पना भट्ट

इतराती इठलाती बलखाती तितली
घूमती-फिरती क्यारी-क्यारी
पलभर का जीवन होता उसका
पर मस्त रहती और उड़ती फिरती

पशु-पक्षी, फल-फूल सभी का
जीवन होता अनिश्चित देखो
बड़ी मछली छोटी को खाती
नियति भी तो यही सिखाती

नहीं होते प्राणी दुःखी
नहीं ऐसा होता सम्भव नहीं है लगता
पर प्रकृति के नियमों का
खुशहाली से पालन है होता

हाय तौबा बस हम ही मचाते
अक्ल होते हुए भी बेअक्ल से बनजाते
सारी दुखदायी घटनाओं से विचलित क्यों सिर्फ हम ही हो जाते

खुशहाली पशु-पक्षियों से सीखें
आओ प्राण-वायु से इसको सींचे
सबसे बेहतर ईश्वर ने जब बनाया है हमको
आओ मिलकर सब इसको गुने

जीवन-मृत्यु का खेल सभी का
फिर क्यों हम अपना ही दुःख देखें
आओ खुश हो ले हम भी
और जीवन-रूपी इस ऋण को जी ले।

खुशी बाटें खुशहाली बाटें
मिलकर बाटें दुखों को हर लें
धूप तो हर हाल में आएगी
आज नहीं तो कल आएगी

इस बात को समझें इस बात को जाने
फिर क्यों मन उद्वेग को सहजें
वो देखों वहाँ पेडों के पत्ते
हवा से करते कैसी हैं बातें

सुख और दुःख दो ही तो होते
तीसरा हम स्वयं ही फिरते है लादे
खुश हो तुम खुश हम भी हो ले
खुशहाली की चादर ओढ़े
चलो चले एक कारवाँ बना ले

और चले बस चलते जाएँ ।